Our Mission

World Class Commerical & Industrial Lubrication Since 1947

In this era of increased environmental sensitivity, Overlake Oil is your go to resource. Our mission is to partner with your company to deliver innovative, cost conscious, environmentally responsible solutions for your lubricant and fuel needs. You will get the right product, at the right price, when and where you need it. We guarantee it.

Overlake Oil is unique among petroleum distributors in offering a number of products and services to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Look for the ECO symbol at right. This is the Universal Eco Symbol, internationally recognized to promote environmentalism and sustainability.

Overlake Oil promotes environmental responsibility in several ways. By distributing Shell Oil's high performance and environmentally friendly products, we offer customers ways to lessen their carbon footprint. Our oil reconditioning and recycling services reduce the volume of oil discarded. Oil Bank and Oil Safe handling systems reduce spills, contamination and waste. We educate and encourage customers in better ways to approach their use of petroleum products.


Keeping Your Equipment Running

We are proud to represent the finest lubricants from Shell and other top-tier manufacturers. Our products are designed to reduce operating costs, increase production and extend equipment life.
For most applications, we offer environmentally friendly products that help meet green initiatives without compromising performance. In addition to lubricants, we supply chemical solvents, fluid handling equipment, spill control and cleanup products, and Rain-X wiper blades.


We're Your Total Solutions Provider

We deliver value-driven solutions that are designed to increase efficiency and improve bottom-line performance. In addition, we can help meet corporate environmental targets with services to reduce waste streams by prolonging the useful life of lubrication products.

Pacific Pride

North America's Fleet Fueling Source

Our Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling network links you to over 1,500 automated fueling sites offering convenience, credit and control to fleet operators across the US and Canada. Whatever size your fleet, our convenient locations, detailed reporting, enhanced controls and reduced paperwork will save you time and money and improve management for one of your largest cost sectors.