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We are pleased to announce that on April 8th, 2023, PetroCard acquired the lubricants business of Overlake Oil. Overlake Oil has been dedicated to serving our customers for over 76 years and we sincerely thank you for your loyalty. In 2020, PetroCard acquired Overlake’s fleet card division and Pacific Pride cardlock in Kirkland. PetroCard is excited to welcome the Overlake staff and lubricant operations to their large growing network.

Culture & Community

The people that make up Overlake Oil largely contribute to its personable and vibrant culture.  With our new motto, “Do it once! Do it right! Do it now!” we focus on accuracy, responsiveness and emphatically serving our customers.


We believe that environmental sustainability is integral to protecting the future of our business, our customers and our communities.  For over 30 years, Overlake Oil has been consulting clients on proactive and responsible fluid management practices.

Safety & Compliance

Overlake Oil’s commitment to safety, compliance and quality control is ingrained in all aspects of the business to protect our employees, customers and community.


How Can We Help You?

Since 1947, Overlake Oil has served businesses across the Pacific Northwest offering the highest quality lubricant products paired with top-notch distribution services and industry expertise.  We partner with some of the leading industrial lubricant providers in the world. These strategic partnerships give our team access to the top engineers, scientists and technologies the industry has to offer. Our consultative approach allows us to fully understand your needs and provide the best possible solution for your application.

At our Kirkland warehouse, we stock a wide variety of industrial and specialty manufacturing lubricants and greases. Stocked items range from 2H food grade lubricants to readily biodegradable hydraulic oils with 10,000+ tost life to synthetic EP gear oils and so much more!  We offer a variety of delivery and shipping services like our signature free next day delivery for qualifying orders and 24/7 rush delivery for emergency needs. We are here to help.  How can we serve you?

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