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Oil Analysis

When done correctly and routinely, oil sampling and Oil samples 3analysis provides accurate information about a machine’s internal condition and trends. Take the guesswork out of lubrication maintenance by setting custom alarm levels associated with the machines lab work. Optimize the lubricant and the machine to their fullest operational potential, eliminating costly equipment failures and down time. With a certified Machinery Lubrication Analyst (MLA) on staff, Overlake Oil offers hands on support and training so you get the most out of oil analysis. Learn proper sampling technique to submit accurate information about lubricant properties, suspended contaminates and wear debris. Learn to read the technical data on analysis reports, to spot and summarize patterns beyond the additional remarks in the comment section.


What the oil analysis vitals tell you about your oil:

  • Lubricant life remaining
  • Additive characteristics
  • Changes in viscosity
  • Machine wear
  • Correct base oil

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