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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Food Grade Lubricants

Almost 60% of U.S. Food and Beverage companies do not use Food Grade Lubricants in their facilities

In fact when it comes to consumable products, a reliable partner who deeply understands the Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging industry is a must. In partnership with global brands like Fuchs Lubricants and Petro-Canada America Lubricants, Overlake offers extensive technical expertise and lubricant best practices. Furthermore our team of experts take a consultative approach to help businesses small and large run efficiently, maximize productivity and eliminate risks that are common in manufacturing. Equally important we stock a wide range of specially formulated Food Grade Lubricants to keep every application in compliance. To be sure you are in compliance and learn more about FDA regulations it is crucial to schedule a complimentary site analysis with an Overlake expert.

Food Grade Certifications

NSF Registrations

  • H1 Lubricants

H1 Lubricants are for “Incidental Food Contact” and are safe to use on food-processing equipment. In particular, due to the wide range of applications H1 lubricants are the most popular type of Food Grade lubricant.

  • H2 Lubricants

H2 Lubricants are considered “No Food Contact” and are not safe to use above the food line. Specifically, they are ideal for use in enclosed systems where there is no chance of direct food contact.

  • 3H Lubricants

3H Lubricants are inherently biodegradable, and considered “edible” or GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for human consumption such as sunflower, corn or soybean oils. Equipment like conveyor belts, hooks and trolleys, processing equipment, and anything that comes in contact or is above the food line utilizes 3H Lubricants.

  • 3H Release Agents

3H Release Agents are for hard surfaces in direct contact with edible products. These agents are ideal in applications where edible products need to remain “stick-free” from surfaces such as baking sheets, loaf pans, chopping boards or grills. 3H release agents are popular in cosmetic manufacturing and are recognized as the “non-adhering” agent.

  • HT1 Heat Transfer Fluids

HT1 Heat Transfer Fluids are for “Incidental Food Contact” and safe to use on food processor equipment. On the contrary, HT1 HTF’s are specifically for primary and secondary heating and cooling systems. In order to comply with the NSF requirements and FDA regulations, HT1 HTF’s are required to be formulated with specific ingredients according to 21 CFR Section 178.3570 or 21 CFR Part 172.

ISO & OEM Approvals

  • ISO 21469, 9001, and 14001
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Continental Can Company (CCC)
  • JBT Foodtech
  • PS Angelus
  • Ferrum

Food Grade Brands

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