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Industrial Lubricants

Emergencies Happen. Not on our watch.

Emergency Oil Delivery Services

Overlake Oil offers emergency oil delivery services 24/7/365 to keep you from shutting down. For quick shipments and afterhours emergencies call 800-722-7743.

We care about keeping you up and running just as much as you do. With over 70 years in the industrial lubricants business, we understand that production lines must produce and operations must operate. Industrial lubricants are the core of Overlake Oil, not an ancillary business to selling motor oil. Industrial and Commercial companies are a different market with different needs then the motor oil and fuel markets. Understanding the needs of these markets with an unmatched vigor has long been our strength and continues to fuel our fire.

Fees may apply to after-hours deliveries, emergencies and quick shipments, please inquire to find out more!

Challenge us, give us the obstacle your current supplier can’t handle and let us take a whack at it! Call 800-722-7743 or reach out to us HERE.


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