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Spill Control

Spill control products in compliance with Washington State DOE ISWGP regulations and EPA requirements for NPDES permits such as spill kits, pads and boom and storm drain protection are available at Overlake Oil! Where there is fluid, there is the potential for a spill. Preventative products like secondary containment and storm drain protection can minimize the impact of a spill. Clean-up products such as sorbents minimize pollution when a spill does occur. Overlake Oil offers a variety of spill control products in compliance with federal and local regulations that can take you to that next level of conscientiousness and preparedness. Contact us for specifics!

  • Oil sorbent pads, rolls & boomsOil-Only-Laminated-1
  • Secondary containment
  • Spill control kits
  • Storm drain protection
  • Drum funnels & lids
  • Wipers & rags

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