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Hydraulic Fluids

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Our consultative approach ensures the correct oil is used in the correct application with little to no excess oil after the job is done. You can rest assured that our highly-trained experts are ready to help you maintain operation excellence, meet deadlines and look for other ways to cut costs. Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and site analysis 425.822.1776

Hydraulic Fluid Types

Mineral Based

Mineral based hydraulic fluids are applicable to the majority of hydraulic system applications. These high performing fluids resist heat and mechanical stress breakdown while protects damaging deposit formation. In addition, these fluids are formulated to extend equipment maintenance through moisture stability, excellent foam control, and outstanding wear protection.

Extreme Temperature

Extended temperature hydraulic fluids deliver up to five times’ longer life to provide high levels of efficiency. These fluids are intended for highly loaded and severe service conditions or where wide ranges of operating temperatures are encountered. Available ISO viscosities: 15, 22, 32, 46 or 68.

Fire Resistant

Our fire resistant hydraulic fluids provide protection where potential ignition sources like open flame, sparks or hot metal are present. Because each application differs we carry a variety of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids such as:

  • Water Glycol – A solution of glycol in water blended with a variety of additives to impart viscosity, corrosion protection, and anti-wear properties.
  • Polyol Ester – Synthetic fluids containing additives to impart anti-wear properties, corrosion protection and viscosity modification.
  • Phosphate Ester – These synthetic fluids are extremely fire resistant and are ideal in a widespread of industrial use as well as military and aircraft service.
  • Vegetable Oil – This synthetic option is made of natural vegetable esters and a unique blend of additives. The biodegradability offers low Eco toxicity as well as outstanding oxidation stability.

Inherently Biodegradable

Do you need a fully biodegradable hydraulic fluid or do you just need a zinc-free hydraulic fluid? A common misconception in many hydraulic applications concerns the two terms: readily biodegradable and inherently biodegradable. Inherently biodegradable hydraulic fluids are most common in sensitive environments requiring a “passing grade” on aquatic animal tests. In addition, these fluids use additive chemistry containing no heavy metals or zinc and are made with synthetic or highly refined base oil like a polyol ester base. Consequently, in recent years we have noticed our customer base switching to zinc-free hydraulic fluids over conventional mineral-based hydraulic fluids due to environmental benefits.

Readily Biodegradable

Readily Biodegradable hydraulic fluids utilize a vegetable or canola base oil with a synthetic esters blend to enable these fluids to pass the “60-day test.” As a result, these fluids can degrade within 60 days of environmental contact which is ideal in applications that take place over water.

Industries We Serve

  • Steel mills
  • Food processing
  • Tunnel boring
  • Die casting
  • Mobile equipment
  • Robotic welders
  • Farming equipment
  • Marine vessels
  • Mining
  • Quarry
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Glass
  • Etc.

Brands We Trust

  • Shell Lubricants
  • Tellus S2 MX and VX series
    Tellus S3 (zinc-free) series
    Spirax TXM (tractor hydraulic) series
    Naturelle HF-E and HF-M series
    Irus DU and DU-NA series

  • Petro-Canada America
  • Hydrex AW and MV series
    Environ AW and MV series

  • Fuchs Lubricants
  • FM Food Grade series

Available Package Sizes

  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • Bulk delivery to tanks

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