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Industrial Lubricants

Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration

Why buy new when you can reuse?

It is time to think outside the box as new industrial oil prices continue to rise, From saving money to saving the environment, oil filtration and dehydration will clean the oil you have, so you don’t have to buy new.

What types of oil are eligible for filtration?

Turbine oils, hydraulic oils and heat transfer fluids are typically the best oils to filter.

Where is the oil filtered?

Oil Filter Cart

Oil filtration cart kidney looped to 10K tank.

The oil filtration and dehydration process takes place at the customer site or at our facility.  At the customer site, oil remains in the machine or reservoir and is filtered in place.  Alternately, oil is pumped out and transported via totes to our facility where it is filtered and tested before being returned it to the customer site.

Why should I filter oil when it gets dirty?

Over time, particulate contaminates make oil dirty.  Particulate contaminates include dirt ingress, metal shards from equipment wear and degradation caused by emulsified or dissolved water. Inadvertently, the environment causes oil to become dirty despite still having plenty of detergents and lubricity. The contaminates in oil cause accelerated oxidation, wear, corrosion and changes in viscosity.

Why should I filter my oil instead of buying new?

Often the lubricant itself still has great lubricity and plenty of detergents and additives, which are the expensive components in a new lubricant. If oil still has plenty of life in it, why throw away perfectly good oil?  Why not just clean it up a bit?  It is better for the environment and your pocket book.

How do I know if my oil is a good contender for filtration?

We take samples of the oil in question and send them to a state of the art laboratory where the key components of the lubricant is analyzed to determine if it is an applicant for oil filtration.   The results are reviewed with the customer.

For more information on oil filtration and dehydration or to find out if your oil can be reclaimed – please contact us at 800.722.7743. This service is offered year round, emergency services available upon request.

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