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Houghton International, Specialty Chemicals & Lubricants, Overlake Oil is a Houghton International distributor within the Greater Seattle region. Houghton International is a world leader in manufacturing high-tech specialty chemicals and lubricants and today is considered the world’s largest metalworking fluids company. Houghton International is based out of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania where it was founded in 1865 and launched its first rust preventative product. gus1By partnering with Houghton International, Overlake Oil is able to provide the highest quality metalworking fluids in the world and a scope and depth of technical services unequaled in the industry.

Hocut® 795-B

Hocut® 795-B is versatile and heavy-duty soluble fluid for use on all metals and is particularly suited for use in the aerospace industry. Hocut® 795-B is a next generation cutting fluid, requiring very little maintenance aside from concentration control. Customers enjoy drastically longer sump life and odor-free operation without the use of sump-side additives. This product effectively removes most coolant related issues from your daily schedule.

Houghto-Draw® 7060

Houghto-Draw® 7060 is a biostable, water soluble heavy-duty drawing and stamping lubricant. The biostable technology provides heavy-duty stamping capabilities for all metals. Its clean formula protects without staining and is compatible with hard water. It provides excellent corrosion protection with in-process protection of machinery parts. Increase tool life and improve surface finish with Houghto-Draw® 7060.


Houghton’s line of Cosmolubric® fire-resistant hydraulic fluids have been tested and approved by Factory Mutual. These are high quality ester fluids formulated with additive to enhance corrosion protection, metal passivation and oxidative inhibition. Cosmolubric® series products have excellent thermal properties while also exhibiting a good temperature/viscosity relationship.

Callina™ Fluid 1210

Macron™ Series

Garia™ Series

We carry the full line of products, MIL-SPEC products and rust preventatives including those not mentioned above. For more information, contact us!


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