Oil Filtration and Dehydration

Should you buy new? Or use what you’ve got? Oil filtration and dehydration is an alternative to buying new oil. Oil gets dirty inherently in its environment with water and particulate ingress. Dirty oil ruins machines and can cause very costly maintenance. Therefore, keeping your oil clean and dry is integral to the maintenance of equipment.

Whether or not to buy new oil or pursue oil filtration and dehydration is an import decision that could potentially save a lot of time and money. Lubricant and grease prices have skyrocketed, therefore, it is a prime time to consider alternatives.

Most of the time, oil gets dirty before the additives wear out. If the lubricity of the oil and additives have integrity, you may be eligible for oil filtration and dehydration.

Our process is pretty simple. We do a phone consultation to determine if you are eligible for oil reclamation. Some things to consider are the quantity of lubricant in question, what the contaminates are, how old the oil is, if it is accessible or can be removed from the machine and how much life is in the oil. Once qualified, one of our experts visits the site and collect samples of the oil in question. A world class lab reviews the sample. Lastly, we provide a quote for oil filtration and dehydration.

Please call us at 425.822.1776 to get the ball rolling!

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