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On-site Industrial Lubrication Services

Overlake Oil offers a technology so inclusive, it will make you wonder why you didn’t use it sooner! Our On-Site Industrial Lubrication Services (OILS) are designed to help industrial businesses focus on what they do best and leave the lubrication to our team of experts. This fully customizable solution is ready to meet the needs of any lubrication application in every industry imaginable. Adaptable to any environment, our technology proves that oil can be packaged economically, transported everywhere and applied without fear of equipment or environment contamination.

As the future of production moves into sensitive environments, Overlake Oil is here to be your sustainable partner and ensure you are making the most sustainable choices for your business. Implementing an OILS Program into your preventative maintenance plan will instantly relieve your team of OIL related burdens!  By outsourcing these burdens to our reliable team of industry experts we will help you increase operation efficiency, prolong equipment life and reduce unplanned costs. When lubrication handling becomes too complicated and costly to be managed in house, Overlake Oil is here to be your sustainable partner!

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