Transferring Lubricants Could Be Costing You $$$


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that transferring lubricants improperly is one of the most common and costly mistakes that machine shops make?   Consider the environment in a machine shop or manufacturing facility and the impact it has on the life of the lubricant and machinery.  Particulate contaminates such as machining swarf, dirt and dust can land in open containers of oil and grease.  These contaminates can cause considerable damage by restricting flow, surface removal, increasing energy consumptions and even catastrophic failure to critical machinery.  Water from condensation or precipitation is another costly environmental side effect.  Water ingress can cause shorter component life, rust, corrosion, cavitation, erosion and other forms of wear in equipment as well as accelerated oxidation and additive breakdown in the oil itself.  It is extremely important to keep lubricants enclosed in containers that are sealed from the elements.  Too often we find open containers such as repurposed milk gallons or bleach bottles being used to transport lubricants to the reservoir fill point on a machine.   Using open containers, despite how they are stored or cleaned, is a huge risk for water and particulate contamination.  To help prevent problems related to contamination, tighten lids and bungs when storing lubricants and purchase containers specifically designed for transporting them. Some containers, like the Oil Safe System offer a release button to prevent spills and an assortment of sizes, colors and pour spouts to fit your needs.  For more information about Oil Safe click here or contact us at 800.722.7743.     


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